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Native Instruments Introduces MASSIVE Software Synthesizer

Native Instruments today announced MASSIVE, a true next-generation software synthesizer with unique sonic character, outstanding audio fidelity, vast flexibility and an innovative, highly accessible interface. Based on an new high-resolution audio engine, MASSIVE combines advanced Wave-Scanning synthesis with a wealth of sophisticated sound-shaping and modulation options, resulting in a charismatic high-end sound full of warmth, punch, character and definition. MASSIVE is a true multi-purpose synthesizer for studio and stage that excels at powerful lead and bass sounds, but can also deliver complex pads and deep atmospheres as well as intriguing sequences.

MASSIVE is built from the ground up on a forward-thinking synthesis engine that makes full use of today’s advanced processor architectures. Intelligent oversampling with up to 192 kHz internal resolution guarantees pristine audio quality across the full spectrum, with exceptionally clear highs and a powerful, well-defined low end.

At the heart of MASSIVE’s synthesis engine are three Wave-Scanning oscillators that draw on 82 high-quality multi-wavetables to provide a vast spectrum of brilliant and highly dynamic timbres. All wavetable sets have been enhanced through FFT resynthesis, which guarantees pristine oscillator sound quality, free of any aliasing artifacts that wavetable synthesis is often associated with.

A special wavetable technology with “Phase Shaping” allows for additional “Bend” and “Formant” play modes, which provide a wide range of further tonal variations in the oscillator stage. An additional modulation oscillator provides optional phase modulation, ring modulation and filter FM, while a flexible noise generator can add enharmonic tonal components. Therefore, the oscillator stage of MASSIVE alone can provide a wider range of timbres than many conventional synthesizers with their full signal path.

The powerful and highly flexible dual filter section of MASSIVE complements the oscillator stage with 11 sophisticated, analog-sounding filter models ranging from lowpass and highpass variants to the fierce “scream filter” and a versatile comb filter. As a further sound-shaping device, a unique feedback stage can be inserted at various points in the signal chain to literally supercharge the sound, creating effects from warm saturation to total destabilization and unpredictability.

MASSIVE is also equipped with an assortment of high-quality effect algorithms that have been specifically designed to complement and enhance the sound-shaping capabilities of the instrument. Two insert effect sections can be inserted independently at various stages in the signal path to provide drastic treatments like Sample&Hold, Frequency Shifting, and Shapers, while dual master effect sections provide a wider selection of algorithms ranging from modulation and delay effects to equalizing and various flavours of saturation and overdrive.

A sophisticated yet easy to use modulation concept makes MASSIVE an extremely dynamic and flexible instrument, while a consistent single-window approach presents the deep functionality of the instrument in a highly effective and accessible way. Nearly all parameters in MASSIVE can be controlled and modulated in real-time, and modulations can be assigned by a simple, intuitive drag-and-drop process, with innovative “range knobs” providing full overview of all assignments and modulation amounts at a glance.

The modulation capabilities draw on four freely assignable ADSR envelopes with loop and morph features, and four additional custom modulators that can be individually set to act as LFO, “Performer” envelope or “Stepper” envelope. An additional “Macro Control” section provides eight multi-assignable meta controls that can also be mapped to any hardware controller, including the KORE controller.

MASSIVE includes 420 preset sounds that effectively showcase the sonic potential of the instrument, and provide a valuable tonal arsenal for various styles of electronic music. MASSIVE also includes a powerful sound browser with advanced categorization and search features. All presets are stored in KoreSound format, which makes them fully compatible with KORE, Native Instruments’ software instrument host system.

MASSIVE will be available in October 2006 for a suggested retail price of $ 339 / 299 Euro from authorized dealers and in the NI Online Shop.

Customers who purchase both KOMPLETE 4 and KORE after September 13th are eligible for a free copy of MASSIVE. This special limited-time offer expires December 31st, 2006.

For more information, visit their web site at

Native Instruments MASSIVE Software Synthesizer

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T3 Releases T3 Volume 5: Sytrus Sound Bank For ImageLine’s Sytrus Synth

T3 has released the T3-Volume 5: Sytrus sound bank. This new bank of settings for ImageLine’s award-winning synthesizer, Sytrus, contains 128 unique, inspiring, and passionately programmed presets. A broad sonic palette is presented through deep basses, wild leads, evolving pads and textures, inspirational sequences, and much, much more.

Also included in the package is T3’s Sytrus Toolbox: a collection of time-saving envelope settings, keyboard mappings, wave cycles, and other useful files, to aid users in the creation of their own sounds. The entire collection has been made available in Steinberg FXB/FXP format, as well as FLStudio’s own FST format for maximum compatibility.

The bank is available immediately from the T3 website and costs $20.00 (USD). Once your order is processed, you will be redirected to the download area for your product. Also, in order to use this product, you must update to the latest version of Sytrus (version 2.2).

For more information, visit their web site at

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Drums On Demand Releases “More 4/4” Drum Library

In the same tradition as their popular workhorse volumes 1, 2, 4 & 5, Drums On Demand® is pleased to introduce “More 4/4.” This tasty collection of 30 straight-time Song Sets™ is sure to inspire the hit songwriter in you.

More 4/4 features a variety of crossover kits, styles and tempos suitable for rock, pop and country songs. Simply find the Master Loop™ that fits your project and use the other loops and segments in the Song Set™ to quickly build a drum track that feels and sounds like a live drummer playing a real song—with a veteran engineer at the console.

Volume 8 Highlights:

  • Suitable for contemporary rock, pop and country
  • All straight-time — no odd time
  • Variety of crossover kits, styles and sounds
  • Mostly stick on snare, but some sidestick on rim included
  • More than 1000 loops, segments and hits in 30 Song Sets
  • Tempos ranging from 64-165 BPM
  • Nearly 1 gig on 2 CDs (24-bit version)
  • Royalty-free
  • Patent-Pending organization system

Available in both stereo (24-bit Acidized WAV, 16-bit Acidized WAV, Apple Loops, and REX2) and multitrack formats.

For more information, visit their web site at

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Audeon Updates UFO Soft Synth To v.1.02

Audeon updates UFO software synthesizer to v1.02. UFO is a software synthesizer built upon Audeon’s proprietary TransModal Synthesis technology. Its oscillator model is controlled by perceptual attributes such as Periodicity, Brightness, Noisiness or Chaos, etc, lying on 2D controllers.

Programming a sound simply consists of balancing these attributes by placing dots on the controllers, and modulating them graphically by drawing arrows. The hundreds of simultaneous possible modulations offer unparalleled expressivity, while the very intuitive user interface makes sound programming particularly easy. It is available as a VST plugin for PC & Mac.

What’s new in v1.02:

  • 50% more factory presets
  • Improved graphics for better parameter readability
  • Bug fix that could potentially have crashed the plugin
  • “MIDI forget” feature now working
  • Asks if you want to save the current preset only when it was actually modified

UFO Light is updated to V1.02 as well.

UFO Mac public beta also undergoes an update to 0.91 with enhanced graphics and presets.

For more information, visit their web site at

Audeon UFO Soft Synth v.1.02

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Nine Volt Audio Releases Stylus RMX Format Bass Collection

Stylin Basslines: Electric & Synth Edition is the first bass collection designed with Stylus RMX users in mind. With over 550 loops, this collection covers a wide range of styles and grooves using vintage, modern, fretless and electric upright basses, and vintage analog, modern analog and computer based synths.

As part of the BPM Flex Series™, any loop in the collection can be used at virtually any tempo without artificial stretching or unwanted audio artifacts!

Stylin Basslines also includes 150 new and original bass infused RMX multis to get you going when inspiration is coming slow.

Whether using Stylus RMX, Reason or any other REX2 player, Stylin Basslines is said to add “bump” to any track.


  • Contains the Stylus RMX format with 130 suites and 566 bass grooves
  • Contains 150 Stylus RMX multis, utilizing the Stylin Bassline loops and other Nine Volt Audio bonus guitar loops
  • Contains a bonus section of 85 guitar loops from previous Nine Volt Audio releases.
  • Contains a Reason Refill and a separate folder with the REX2 files. This allows the loops to be used in other programs that support the REX2 format
  • As part of the BPM Flex Series™ loops in the REX2, Refill and Stylus RMX formats can be used at virtually any tempo without artificial stretching or unwanted audio artifacts. The tempo listed with each loop is more of a suggestion to the user, than a hard-and-fast rule
  • All loop file names identify the musical key
  • All loops were recorded at 24/96 resolution. As bass frequencies benefit little from high resolution recordings, we opted to dither them to 16/44.1 for the disc, which benefits the user by requiring less RAM per suite and faster load times while using Stylus RMX

Pricing and Availablity:

Stylin Basslines: Electric & Synth Edition is now available on DVD-ROM or as a download for $69.99 at

For more information, visit their web site at

Nine Volt Audio Stylus RMX Format Bass Collection

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NevaFong Introduces The Envelight Sound Library For Cakewalk Z3ta+

NevaFong have announced the release of “Envelight Set” for Cakewalk Z3ta+, a new loadable wavetable set with 57 new waveforms and a sound set of 128 top-notch sounds.

Long-standing work experience with various synthesizers made it possible to create sounds which will be interesting both to beginning users and experienced musicians wishing to add new elements in their compositions.

The wavetable set includes 57 new waveforms. Unique waveforms are created on the basis of FM, additive, and subtractive synthesis and experimental modulations.

The soundset also includes 128 high-quality presets sorted by categories: Bass, Fat, FX, FX tone, Keyboard, Lead, Pad, Various.

Background and solo sounds are powerful and soft, with exotic and classical flavors to suit any genre.

Envelight Set costs $45. Demo mp3s are available for download on the Neva Fong website.

For more information, visit their web site at Releases Soul Bassis And Get Da Synth Sample Collections has just released their Soul Bassis Vol.1-5 Collections and Get Da Synth sample collections.

First up is the Soul Bassis collection. These bass guitar loops and riffs will put you in the move to groove. Each volume contains some of the funkiest soul riffs and loops with varying tempos. You’ll get everything from funk wah basses to those smooth ghetto neo soul sounds.

Also on deck are the Get Da Synth Collections. The packs are filled with everything from the east to west and north to south styles. The tempos range from 70 to over 100 for a wide variety. There are even long synth one-shots so you can create your own melodies.

Each loop and riff pack cost $17.97 with special package deals.

For more information, visit their web site at

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Music Unfolding Introduces OttoPhilter Audio Unit Effect

OttoPhilter is the 7th of the Twister Series, a new line of Audio Unit effects from Music Unfolding.

OttoPhilter is an auto/touch wah filter with LFO control and sub-octave generation and a second auto/touch wah filter on the sub-octave.

There’s a level meter tied to the touch wah sensitivity to help you adjust OttoPhilter to suit your playing dynamics. OttoPhilter has two driven resonant filter sections – one on your input signal and one for the generated sub-octave. The filters sweep by using triggered envelopes or tracking the input signal or using LFOs.

OttoPhilter is $19.99 and is available for OS X as a Universal Binary. Download a demo of OttoPhilter here.

For more information, visit their web site at

Music Unfolding OttoPhilter Audio Unit Effect

Synthogy Releases Universal Binary Version Of Ivory Grand Pianos

Synthogy is pleased to announce the release of their first Universal Binary version of Ivory for Audio Units. While the update is essential for all Intel-based Macs, it is also highly recommended for all users with Mac PowerPC processors running OS 10.4 or higher. Included in this download and installation is also the first release of the Ivory stand-alone version for Mac.

The update is free for all registered Ivory users and requires a previous installation of Ivory 1.5. Both the Ivory stand-alone version and the Ivory UB AU update plug-in are installed in the same package that is available for download at Synthogy’s website.

Ivory retails for $349 and is available for AU, VST (Mac/PC) and RTAS (Mac/PC). The Italian Grand Expansion Pack for Ivory is expected for a release within the next few weeks.

For more information, visit their web site at

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Roland Announces Extensive Editor And Driver Updates For SH-201 Synthesizer

Demonstrating its commitment to customers worldwide, Roland is proud to announce extensive editor and driver updates for the new SH-201 Synthesizer.

Roland Product Manager Vince LaDuca relates, “We’re now offering our SH-201 users support for the Apple® Audio Units plug-in format. This new feature allows the SH-201 editor to be accessed from within Logic, Digital Performer, Live, Garage Band, and other Audio Units-compatible DAWs.”

The Audio Units, or AU plug-in can be downloaded from

Additionally, the SH-201 driver has also be updated to support the new Intel-based Macintosh computers. This adds the SH-201 to the ever-growing list of over 50 Roland products that have Universal Binary support.

In addition to these extensive updates, Roland is also offering a collection of patches for the SH-201 from a global roster of artists.

Available now at

SH-201 Editor Version 1.10 Macintosh OS X
Roland’s latest version of the SH-201 Editor / Librarian is now available.This install contains the stand-alone, the VSTi, and the AU versions of the Editor.

SH-201 Macintosh OS X USB Driver Version 1.10
Used to connect the SH-201 to a Macintosh computer running OS X, this version of the driver adds support for Intel-based Macintosh computers.

Both Windows XP/2000 and Macintosh OS X installs contain custom patches from Jean Michel Jarre, Jordan Rudess, Richard Barbieri, and Hisashi Saito.

Also Available:

SH-201 Windows USB Driver Version 1.01 for connecting the SH-201 to PCs running Windows XP or 2000.

•SH-201 Editor Version 1.10 Windows XP/2000

For more information, visit their web site at