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Sheet music now available on iTunes

As the first publisher in the world has just released several hundred pieces of classical and christmas sheet music on iTunes – ready to download for the bargain price of $1,99 per piece. It has never been easier to bring great sheet music with you, says Lars Christian Lundholm, founder of

Buying sheet music on-line has never been easier thanks to and iTunes. Finally music lovers everywhere can buy sheet music directly on iTunes instantly available on your computer, iPad, iPod as well as all android-based tablets.

Just a few years ago I would drag up to 25 lbs of sheet music from place to place when I was performing. Now I just bring all my sheet music digitally on a tablet. You just place it on the music stand and you’re ready to play any piece from your digital library. It’s amazing, says Lars Christian Lundholm, professional composer and musician and founder of

Not only is it easy to buy sheet music on iTunes, it is also lowpriced and of the highest quality. The flawless-guarantee of also covers sheet music bought on iTunes. Find any mistake in one of the sheet music ebooks and get a 200 percent refund.

Flawless sheet music for everyone – just click, pay and play

Making flawless sheet music available on iTunes is perfectly in tune with the concept behind

“Our mission it to make beautiful sheet music accessible for everyone everywhere, which really makes iTunes and the perfect match” says Lars Christian Lundholm.

By January 1st 2012 the selection of sheet music on iTunes will reach a 1.000 pieces and new sheets will be added everyday.

In addition to the sheet music on iTunes, offers more than 10.000 pieces on its website for direct buy as well as on Facebook, at Barnes & Noble and on Sonys Reader Store. Every piece is sold for the same price – $1,99.

Posted in News, Sheet Music, Web Sites sets out to become the iTunes of sheet music uses iTunes concept: Get high quality sheet music at a bargain price!

New on-line store sets out to become the iTunes of sheet music as it offers more than 10.000 pieces of pure and flawless sheet music at just $1.99. No apps needed – just click, pay and play at The man behind the concept is a professional musician whose need for high quality sheet music at a reasonable price was not met anywhere.

Now it is no longer necessary to spend a fortune on expensive low quality sheet music if you want to play your favourite pieces of classical music. For just $1.99 a piece you can finally buy top-of-the-line sheet music on-line at and choose from over 10.000 classics covering from Bach and Beethoven to piano and guitar.

  • gives you more for less. The sheets are of the highest quality, the price is a bargain and once you pay it’s yours for the rest of your life,«  says Lars Christian Lundholm, founder of and a professional musician and composer.
  • The idea was generated from my own personal frustration. I had a hard time finding sheet music that lived up to my high standards and when I finally did, it was always overpriced. After constantly hearing the same frustrations from my colleagues worldwide I decided to do something about it and created this new concept,« says Lars Christian Lundholm.

The future iTunes of sheet music – just click, pay and play has set out to become the iTunes of sheet music as new sheets are constantly added. It even goes further than the website as the sheet music is available for direct buy via PayPal on Facebook and on iTunes, Barnes & Noble and Sonys Reader Store. All sheet music are directly usable on the computer as non-restricted PDF’s, and on iPads and Kindle and all android-based tablets as individual apps or e-books.

“We want to make beautiful music accessible for everyone who wants to play. And we are going to work hard to make so good, that it’s the only place on-line you’d want to buy sheet music”  says Lars Christian Lundholm.

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Drum Channel New Feedback Section Includes Jim Keltner, Thomas Lang and Josh Freese

Drum Channel is pleased to introduce the all new DC Feedback section to its website where you can submit a video of yourself playing the drums and get it reviewed with feedback and suggestions on how to improve you playing. Better still the Drum Channel Team has some of the best instructors, teaching staff or faculty members in the business on hand to reply to your submissions.

Commenting on your playing could be the multi award winning, astonishingly relentless Thomas Lang, whose aspiration, is to play the unplayed. The studio great Jim Keltner (Beatles solo albums, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Joni Mitchell and Pink Floyd) has already provided feedback on submitted videos. Drum Channel have even managed to get one of the most in demand drummers in rock, the Josh Freese (Nine Inch Nails, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Weezer, Sting ), to provide video feedback on the DC website. You can check all three drummers’ feedback submissions at where you can trial it free for three days.

This opportunity is free to Drum Channel subscribers and anyone can become a member from as little as $4.99 a month at All you have to do is upload a video of you playing the drums to the DC Feedback section and one of the most appropriate DC Team will give their video response to what they can see and hear. You can also send in written questions to the DC Forum.

The new Feedback section is a golden opportunity to help improve your playing, with the chance of having not only some of the most experienced drum tutors commenting on your drumming technique, but also some of the world’s greatest drummers as well.

Go to to find out more.

Rotosound Re-launches Facebook Page

Rotosound is excited to announce the re-launch of its Facebook page. This new look page has been completely reworked, vastly improved and introduces lots of new sections.

At the heart of the new Rotosound Facebook page is a full product catalogue with details and pictures of the complete range of Rotosound strings and accessories.

In keeping with the companies philosophy of continual evolution and improvement the new Rotosound Facebook page’s fresh modern look also includes a section with all the latest news about the products, the company and its endorsees. All of which is updated regularly. The new Photo album already contains early photographs of Rotosound endorsees such as Pink Floyd and The Who and will be updated in the coming months with more rare and current endorsee photos.

If you’re not a friend already, sign up and get the hottest news and check out the release of rare original artist pictures on the page… we look forward to seeing you there.

About Rotosound

Rotosound is a pioneering force in string manufacturing and celebrated their fiftieth anniversary in 2008. Their world famous music strings have been the first choice for some of the greatest musicians in the history of music and include Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd and the cream of more recent bands such as Franz Ferdinand and Oasis. They continue to endorsee an ever increasing list of the most respected, innovative and professional musicians, as well as being used by millions of satisfied customers around the planet.

Posted in Guitar, Strings, Web Sites Launches With New Method For Publishing Music To The Web was presented for the first time to over 400 New Thought Musicians and Music Directors at the Agape Music Symposium & Arts Festival today by Rob Wallace Grammy nominee and founder of the site.

A composer or artist can publish their music using the Get the Music online editing software. Their music is then published on three websites and extensive reciprocal linking and optimization is added by Get the Music

The musician’s site is highly ranked and draws traffic from many sources. Visitors can listen to all tracks free then purchase by downloading entire CDs, individual tracks, and sheet music at greatly reduced prices.

Rob Wallace says, “I am committed to bringing positive enlightening music and sheet music to as many people as possible through the internet. Thousands of composers and bands are putting out uplifting messages through music that will raise our consciousness and those of our children.” allows the musician, composer, or band a way to have an internet presence that does not take time away from creating music or drain financial resources.

For more information, visit their web site at

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Music-Hardware Launches Personal Portal Site For Musicians

Music-Hardware (MH) is a modular and fully customizable web portal completely dedicated to audio and musicians. On the default homepage, everyone can share photos of home studios, YouTube videos, listen to creative commons license albums, compare gear prices, read digg music articles, read news around the web, and much more to come.

The page can be customized any way you like.. Add or remove modules, edit the parameters of each module, move these modules on the page, etc.

All the parameters of this page are stored in a cookie on your computer, and you will then find your MH page just as you left it at the time of your last visit.

Music-Hardware will be soon available in more languages, with the bests music websites resources of each country.

For more information, visit their web site at